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Easy Task Control 4.1.0

Easy Task Control is a easy and quickly way to manage your tasks getting a simple TreeView with possible groups to organize your projects and subjects.
Create your own groups or create through a Template which you can include some static tasks using as preview tasks to be in your new group.
You can get reports (detailed or analytic) from Pending, Solved or Overdue tasks and save on disk or send to someone by e-mail.

With a very powerful schedule you can create schedules for your tasks and receive alerts to remember your duties. (This schedule can be configurable to play a sound or not and to define the time cicle to check alerts).

In a very simple and complete shortcut window you will be allowed to format your own shortcuts if you don't like the default.

The system is prepared to get your e-mail account configuration as a very simple and fast way to send your reports, this configuration is saved with a encrypted and safe password.

To improve the user experience you can allow the system to send error report to me (Development) automaticaly and with this I'll be advised to fix the possible problems and release a new version for your convenience.

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